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Link Tucson to Hanoi

Chasing butterflies

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Here is my brief Life Story. It is true that I have had some unusual experiences: I met Hubert Humphrey and John Kennedy before he was President; I was in Birmingham during the height of the civil rights movement; I visited the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco during the height of the anti-war movement.
Growing Up in Vietnam
I was born in Hanoi in 1940. My father was a businessman . He sent me to high school in Hue, a city in central Vietnam. Hue (pronounced like "way") was a beautiful city and a wonderful place for a young boy to grow up. One memory that is etched in my mind is the sight of the high school girls walking by the cafes each day after school, their beautiful white flowing silk dresses fluttering around them in the breeze.

Coming to the United States for College
I lived with a Catholic priest while in high school. When a visiting Belgium priest came to dinner, he mentioned that he had a scholarship available in the United States. He asked if I wanted to go. I said, "Sure!" Just like that, my life was changed forever. In 1960, I received a scholarship to Saint John's University near Minneapolis, Minnesota. I went there to study political science.

Moving to Tucson
In 1970, I moved to Tucson. I was fleeing the cold weather in Minnesota and I had a friend who lived here and told me it was warm. Since moving here, many things have happened that are important to me:

In 1975, I helped create the Pima Junior Soccer League and coached and refereed and served as Vice President. I also served as Treasurer for an AYSO soccer league.
In 1982 I started Liverpool Computer Center. I started out doing computer consulting and in 1986 expanded to start building personal computers.
In 1995, I helped form the Midtown Neighborhood Association. I have served as Vice President and Treasurer over the years. As part of my work with Midtown, I have started a Chess Club, a Bike Club (www.tlclub.org) , an Origami Club, a Lego Club and a Computer Club for children. During 1997 I helped write a grant 2.5 millions to create Midtown Library for children. More info goto:

I have been living in Tucson, AZ (USA) since 1970. But I love Hanoi (Vietnam),
my birth place. I am trying to make a connection from my home in Tucson to Hanoi and bring to this Blog the best of Tucson and Hanoi.
I will need help from my friend Tu who is an assistant to a famous restaurant (The Wild Rice Restaurant in Hanoi).

2005 I retired and started the next chapter of my life. I like gardening and I am building a butterfly garden.
I will work at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and help my friend John Rhodes to raise butterlies for Butterfly Magic Exhibition (Oct to February)
I learn how to take good pictures for my blog.
Each week I will learn wood working with Dr. Jack Levy, my mentor. He going to be 90 next year (2007)
Will explore many beautiful places in Tucson then explore Arizona.
Prepare to take a trip to Vietnam. I want to create clubs for children in Vietnam also.